Stacie’s Introduction: I Love My Stash; there I’ve said it.

Hi! I’m Stacie the other half of this Must Stash. I thought I would start off explaining why I want to blog. The answer is simple: I love knitting and wish to share that enthusiasm with the fiber community at large and I hope to grow in my craft and as a communicator. Talking about yarn is only second to talking about knitting which pales to actually knitting but I can knit while I talk, so it’s all good!

A Small Sample of My Sock Stash

So, a little about me. I am a knitter first and foremost and I love my stash! I love each and every skein of yarn I have acquired. When I order online, I track that package everyday and when it arrives, it’s like Christmas morning. I can hardly wait to smell the yarn (I always smell the yarn!) and feel it in my hands. Walking into a yarn store is practically religious. I take a deep breath and proceed to touch everything. I keep my stash (mostly) in a large wardrobe and sometimes I just crack the door open and take a whiff of the fiber fumes!

Meetup SnB281 Logo!

Where I work and among my friends, no one knits and although Ravelry is great, I needed face to face interaction. So, I founded SnB281 in January of 2011. I love these folks! They are awesome and it is so wonderful to meet weekly and chat about knitting and all that entails. They get me and I get them. We share a passion for our crafts and the friendships I’ve made are wonderful. If you don’t have a SnB, find one!

Hand Spun-Hand Knit=Pure Awesome
Yes, you have seen this before.

In addition to knitting, I’ve dabbled in crochet and I do believe it is black magic. Abracadabra, you have a hat. Bippity Boppity Boo, there’s a blanket. As wondrous as it may be, it’s not knitting, so I crochet very rarely.

I learned to spin (a whole new stash!) about a year ago and purchased my wheel, a Majacraft Pioneer, last February. Tour de Fleece 2012 was my first and I found it thoroughly enjoyable. Steph and I both spun enough yarn for sweaters and then knit those sweaters during the Ravellenic games 2012. I’m pretty dang proud of this sweater! Steph and I also started a Meetup group just for the spinners in our area called Spin Off. See what she did there? Yes, Steph is a very clever girl. I have stashed quite a few batts and braids but spinning is not knitting, although it can lead to knitting so has it’s perks.

And, lastly I started weaving on a little 10″ Schacht Cricket Christmas 2012. I made a five foot long scarf in an evening. This makes weaving a very tempting past time, but still it’s not knitting and knitting is my passion.

I’m Freeflower on Ravelry if you would like to Friend me and look over my projects. I would love to see you in my Friends activity feed!

Do you love knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving and embrace your stash?

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