Steph’s Intro

Hello! I’m Steph, one half of the (future!) Must-Stash podcast. I thought I’d do a quick intro on our brand new blog. So what’s quicker than a “10 Things to Know About Me” list?

  • I started knitting about 10 or so years ago.
  • I’m SupaSteph on Ravelry (friend me! I’d love to see what you are working on.)
  • I started spinning a little over a year ago. My first “Wheel Anniversary” will be in April.
  • I spin on a Schacht Ladybug and own several spindles.
  • My favorite spinning fiber is polwarth.
  • My favorite knitting fiber is… anything that’s knit-able!
  • I almost always have socks on the needles — sometimes multiple pairs.
  • 10 years of knitting and I still have trouble making sweaters that fit right. I’m still learning!
  • If I miss my weekly knitting group, it totally throws me off for the rest of the week. I ❤ my SnB!
  • My idea of a yarn diet is this: 1. Go a “long” time without buying yarn (a month is an eternity), 2. reward myself by buying more yarn than I would have bought if I hadn’t been on a diet, 3. lather, rinse, repeat.
That’s about it! Feel free to friend me on Ravelry (SupaSteph), Google+ (Supa Steph), Twitter (SeeStephKnit) or just send me a plain ol’ fashioned email: I look forward to getting to know you all!

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