Show Notes for Episode 5: Stash Stash!

Show Notes:

Special Thanks to:

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Steph and Stacie are planning on hosting a sweater KAL for the Ravelry group starting May 1-June 30. More details will be announced on Ravelry in the near future, but the basics are: Knit a sweater (short sleeve, long sleeve, any size, any pattern — we’re easy!) and post a picture of your FO in the appropriate thread and we will draw 2 winners to receive a prize. You can go ahead and start swatching now and gather all necessary materials, BUT don’t cast on your sweater until May 1! Again, more details coming soon.


Stacie is working on:

Stacie finished:

Steph is working on:

Steph finished:


Steph finished spinning Natural Obsessions 80/20 Merino/Tussah Silk in the Coffee Toffee colorway. She got a total of 1,858 yards/7.7 oz of lace weight. Stash Page

Stash Enhancements:

Stacie stashed:

and HIGHLIGHTS from the Fiber Festival: A Dawning Dreams braid (Sing Me A Song of a Sea Shanty), Lone Star Arts sock yarn (Sunflower colorway) and Boxy Lady owl project bag, two skeins of Darn Good Yarn silk lace, Knitting Rose lace in Black Beauty and Razzleberry, Lost City Knits lace in Salsa Dancer, & several items from Little Monkey Stitch ‘n Spin.

Steph stashed:

and from the Fiber Festival: A Dawning Dreams Batt (Summer Wishes) and some project tags, Little Monkey’s Stitch ‘n Spin Twinkle Toes (Atlantic colorway) and a stitch holder pendant, BuenaSuerte Talisman (Diaphenia colorway), Lone Star Arts Merino braid (Egypt colorway) and a project bag, Natural Obsessions Superfine Merino (Hot Hot Hot colorway), Natural Obsessions 100% Milk (New Growth colorway)


Steph wore her Leaves of Grass (Jared Flood pattern) that she knit last fall.

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11 thoughts on “Show Notes for Episode 5: Stash Stash!

  1. Jarbo yarn is NOT German but Swedish. If you look on the flag you can see there is a flag. I assume that you can see the difference between a German and a Swedish flag. There writes also with umlaut in sweden.

    • You’re right, we should have looked closer at the yarn label and seen the flag. It’s hard to remember all the details when you are in the middle of recording. Thank you for pointing out the error.

  2. So excited to see you all online! I always have so much fun chatting the day away with you. I got some Beuna Suerte yarn as well to knit up a Lost City Knits pattern, plus some scrumptious batts from Butterfly Girl. There were so many great choices!

  3. LADIES!!!! OMG!!!! Where have I been??? I am so excited to see you and your podcast. I’m super proud of you both. I can’t stop smiling… I spent the whole afternoon/evening catching up on all your episodes. Watching you guys makes me pine for my SNB time in SA. I miss you guys bunches you’re doing a great job!! Keep up the good work and I look forward to keeping up with you this way!

    • Kristin! Miss you bunches, Girl, I’m so glad to hear from you. Pop into Rav and update us on your adventures!

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