Show Notes for Episode 8: Made of Awesome

Show Notes:

Special Thanks to:

  • Donations: Elizabeth (your button has been mailed) from Singapore and Steph’s MIL, Cathy. Thank you both so much!
  • New iTunes reviews from:
    • UK: Knitsinsanity (Katherine)
    • Canadian iTunes: JansHands, Pamela 20f5; Bookbee; and Imminent Metaphor
    • US: LittleMonkeySnS, Zombi312, and mhorv4

Shout Outs to:

  • Hannah from Traveling Sock Knitter podcast. She does fun KALs and her podiversary is coming up! Give her a watch, you’ll enjoy it.
  • Our awesome Rav group! We forgot to mention this, but we *heart* our fellow ‘Stashers! Our group has grown by leaps and bounds since we’ve started and we love the conversation that goes on. Some people have expressed concern that they can’t always keep up and acknowledge each post, and to that we say IT DOESN’T MATTER!Β It always brighten our day when we pop in and check out what you guys are up to. We want to reassure any of you who feel like “I can’t keep up!” that no one is expected to “keep up”. There are no secretaries for the group and there will not be a quiz at any point. Just feel free to pop in and out and enjoy the group but don’t feel burdened or pressured to “keep up”.Β We just love the positive atmosphere and friendliness that you guys exhibit. Thanks for making our little part of Ravelry an awesome one.


Steph and Stacie are hosting a Sweater KAL for the Ravelry group starting May 1-June 30. Basically, knit (or crochet!) a sweater of any size — baby, child, adult, etc — and post a picture of your FO in the appropriate thread. We had some questions on this point so let me elaborate: your first sweater entry can be any size but any additional sweater entries must be adult sized. We will draw 4 winners to receive a prize. 2 winners will win a Ravelry pattern of their choice up to $10, 1 lucky winner will get a handmade bag from SeaShoreSharon, and 1 winner will win three skeins of Louet Gems fingering weight yarn donated by Terry. The only rules are: Must be a member of the group, must not have a start date earlier than May 1, 2013 and an end date no later than June 30, 2013; must be an FO (what you determine to be finished is up to you as far as blocking and weaving in ends go. But if it’s a seamed sweater, it definitely needs to be seamed.); must post a picture in the FO thread.

The winner of the Single Skein Wonder Thread is #114 bootie66. Congratulations, Chris! PM Stacie with your address and she will get your yarn to you.

New Giveaway: a super cute Little Skein rainbow mustache project bag! Just check out her shop then go back to Ravelry and let us know what you really like. The winner will be drawn on the next podcast, June 2nd.



Stacie is working on:

Stacie finished:

  • Nothing! I mostly just start new projects.

Steph is working on:

Steph finished:


Stacie is spinning 76% Merino wool, 12% Natural Alpaca, 12% Silk hand carded and hand rolled punis Gourmet Stash in the Muted Neon Pink colorway using her DawningDreams 0.9 oz spindle and loving them both.

Steph has no spinning.

Stash Enhancements:

Stacie stashed:

  • From Little Skein on Etsy a super cute Must Stash rainbow mustache Duet knitting bag, rainbow Must Stash stitch markers & x-sm Alice Blue lace stitch markers. Anne, the owner of Little Skein, sent another Must Stash Duet knitting bag and set of rainbow Must Stash stitch marker to giveaway to you!!! Thank you Anne!

Steph stashed:


Stacie wore her Drizzle by Mel Ski.

Steph wore her finished Trilian (see above for links!)

Find us at:

Twitter: MustStashSheep & SeeStephKnit
Plurk: Must_Stash & SupaSteph
Google+: Stacie Freeflower & Supa Steph
Ravelry: Freeflower & SupaSteph
Facebook: Must Stash Emporium
Instagram: MustStashSheep
Ravelry: Must Stash Podcast Group
iTunes: Must Stash Podcast

3 thoughts on “Show Notes for Episode 8: Made of Awesome

  1. I got the exact same Painted Sky yarn from my husband for my b-day on May 24! Great minds think alike I guess. πŸ™‚

  2. biggest take away this post—- LOVE seeing your personalities really show! They have in each episode, but this one it seems, you both show yourselves even more than before!

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