Giveaway: Beginner Spinner Bundle




As Tour de Fleece approaches, we know there are some new and aspiring spinners out there who are dying to play along. And we would also love to suck you in and create another spinner (we’re planning on taking over the world, just so you know).

Whether you just picked up your first spindle not too long ago or you have been thinking about trying but haven’t worked yourself up to the task yet, we’d like to help you out. Leave a comment on this post (1 per person) and we will draw a random winner during Episode 11. The lucky winner will receive:



A Spinatude spindle and a Dawning Dreams braid (“Talk Dirty to Me” colorway) donated by Stacie

“Respect the Spindle” by Abby Franquemont

“Respect the Spindle” by Abby Franquemont donated by Steph



143 thoughts on “Giveaway: Beginner Spinner Bundle

  1. Been meaning to learn to spin for a while and this would be a perfect way to start. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I’ve been feeling in need of a crafty challenge lately and think spinning is just the thing to get my creativity going!

  3. What a beautiful prize! I first attempted spinning about two years ago, but it didn’t click. I would love to try again, and I just KNOW such a gorgeous spindle and fibre would be great encouragement… Not to mention the wonderful book! 🙂

    • I have never wanted to spin. It just looked to complex. And do I need one more thing to consume me. Yes! I need more! Now I am totally intrigued by it all. I am ready to go and your prize package just seems to be the thing to get me going. I hope I will be spinning soon.

  4. Thank you for the chance to win. I have spun VERY little and it feels so overwhelming. Maybe the book will help.

  5. I would love to learn how to spin. I had a learn-to-spin kit with spindle a few years ago, but the spindle was very poorly made and I never really got a chance to actually use it. 😦

  6. I have never learned to spin because it intimidates me, which if you think about it is kind of stupid. Goodness knows that I have lured plenty of people to the dark side of knitting when they tell me how hard it is. I just smile and offer to teach them. Anywho, thank you ladies for offering to convert another person into a spinner!

  7. Ivee tried spinning only once and i had the complete wrong yarn for first time spinning because I had chunks of fiber collecting in my hands as I drafted. Im dying to try again though!!!

  8. i bought a spindle years ago, watched one youtube and didn’t like the technique… turns out there are many techniques, of course, and am planning to learn a lot from your tour de fleece!

  9. I love this giveaway! The spindle is beautiful. I took a spinning class earlier this year and loved it…. (I’m in the process of looking for a spinning wheel:-)
    Stephanie aka nupie85 on Rav

  10. I am still learning to spin with a drop spindle, and I’ve been eyeing that book. The fiber looks lovely, and the spindle is beautiful. I tried making my own spindles. They are a work in progress. I just hope I have enough fleece to survive the tour de fleece!

  11. I’ve never spun before but love watching my knit buddies when they do. Trying to decide what spindle to buy and what fiber is too overwhelming for me. This beginner package is perfect.

  12. First of all, I LOVE YOUR PODCAST!!!!!!!! You have put together a polished, fun, informative and personal show. Just amazing! Thank you for all your hard work and beautiful contribution to the worldwide fibre arts community.

    I have been knitting for almost two years and have been enjoying knitting podcasts for one of those years. Many of the podcasters are accomplished and enthusiastic spinners who have been wearing me down/tempting me to take up spinning myself. I have looked longingly at drop spindles at my LYS and have put more than one in an unpurchased e-shopping cart but have yet to take the plung. Your beautiful prize pack with personal stash and previously loved items is just what I need to start on my spinning journey. I adore the fibre colors and the spindle is lovely with seashore colour and content.

    Good luck to all who are entering!

  13. You ladies made it so interesting!!! Never spinned, when I heard you all mention spinning I thought it was the exercise bikes lmbooo

  14. What a perfect opportunity to start spinning. I have been wanting to buy a drop spindle and start but I haven’t found anyone who I could learn from. There are so many different spindles to choose from. I would love to win this gift and join you gals in the Tour de Fleece. 🙂 pick me, pick me!

  15. I have been longing to spin for a couple of years now but have never had the time. I started a new job recently and I finally have free time! I’ve been looking around for some local classes but the cost of material has been a little daunting. I am so excited to see you ladies reaching out to us aspiring spinners; whether I win the drawing or not, it makes me happy to see it available. Thanks for your kindness!

  16. I’d love to win this! I see people spinning on video podcasts but have been too intimidated to try myself as it all seems overwhelming: what type of spindle? What type of fibre? How do I do it?
    I haven’t been able to find a class local to me so this would give me the start I need. Plus those colours in the fibre are so me!
    Thanks for your fabulous podcast ladies and the opportunity to win this 🙂

  17. I am taking my first spinning class this Saturday and this would be awesome!!
    You ladies have such a great chemistry and I love all the episodes. Keep having fun and happy knitting!!!

  18. I’ve been spindle shopping for the past few days and would love to win!! What a great prize! I just signed up for a spindle spinning class in a few weeks. I’ve never tried but am fascinated by the process and am excited to learn! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  19. I tried spinning once on my mother’s old wheel (which is not running smoothly anymore) and I was not very good. Maybe I should start off with a spindle? It would be so cool to be able to spin and knit my own yarn!
    On ravelry: surfchick

  20. I’ve been thinking about getting into spinning, but I have no idea where to start. I sometimes feel a bit intimidated. I love seeing the beautiful fibers you show on your podcast and it makes me really want to try!

  21. I always love trying out new skills. I have wanted to try spinning- this might just be the impetus I need to give it a try.

  22. Have never spun anything but I am drooling when I see the results from other people’s spinning. Some day I have to give it a try… 🙂

  23. I am so excited to learn spinning. I was gifted an Ashford Wheel a few months ago that needs some serious TLC before it can get spinning. It would be so wonderful to join in the TdF with this spindle! You ladies are just amazing to watch, and inspirational. Thank you for offering such a wonderful prize!

  24. I have had learning to spin on my bucket list for a long time and we just lost our angora bunny that we had for 8 years. We saved his fur over the years and now I am hoping to learn how to spin so I can spin it and than knit something as a memory of him.

  25. I always like learning new things and learning how to spin is definitely on my list. This would be a good way to start I think.
    BTW, I love you podcast, it is really entertaining.

  26. I have attempted to spindle spin, but never with an instruction book or nice fiber….talk about motivation! I’d love to win this prize!

  27. ok, I am a spinner wannabe and have over the years stalked used wheels and then panicked about developing another expensive hobby. this would give me a chance to try it out without significant expense. thanks for the opportunity.

  28. Well your podcast was the first knitting podcast I ever watched and I have been with you from the start I taught myself to knit continental from a book 15 years ago then picked it up again 8 years ago then haven’t knit in the last year and a half (been loosing 52 lbs) untill I found u gals picked it back up have become addicted to knitting podcasts- I am a wool and fiber virgin and sooo want to give spinning a try I soo soo hope I win 🙂 I live in Fort Worth and the beach has always been a part of my soul we would live in Lower Alabama- Gulf Shores Orange Beach area if we could so this spindle would hold 2 special places in my heart . Keep on doing what your doing girls it is working!!

  29. I just found your podcast and at only 1 episode in, I lovvve you two! Don’t know how to spin (although it hasn’t stopped me from favouriting pretty roving on etsy..) this would be the perfect kick in the butt I need! Keep up the awesome show 🙂

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  31. I’ve been trying to resist the spinning but I could only hold off for so long… Ordered a beginners kit, still waiting – don’t think the postal services seemed quite so slow to me! I cannot wait to get started. Oh, and what a feeling – I have no stash! Fiber stash, that is, I have a cupboard full of yarn…

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