Show Notes for Episode 14: That’s How We Roll

Show Notes:

Special Thanks to:

  • Donations: Barbara in MA, Katherine in Philly, Jennifer G in SA, Karen in OR & Jennifer P in PA who paid it forward!
  • iTunes Reviews & Forum Posts: Thank you to all the fine folks who took the time to leave a review on iTunes or a comment in the Ravelry forum! We read each one and they really make us smile.


New Prize Giveaway Announced: This week we are giving away Zombified yarn donated by Heidi of Undead Yarn. Follow the link and tell us what you love in her shop in the appropriate thread on our Ravelry board. We will draw a winner via the random number generator on Episode #15.

Tangerine Designs Giveaway: A project bag donated by the lovely Casey of Tangerine Designs. The random winner is MonkeysMom1. Congratulations, Marianne! Contact Stacie with your info and she’ll mail your prize to you.

Tour de Fleece Week #3 Giveaway: Each week, Steph and Stacie will draw from the team thread on the TdF forum. This week, we drew two winners from posts 1291- 1936. The random winners are KnittyWittyShelle & Desz72. Congratulations to both of you! Contact Stacie with your information so she can send you your prize. Next week, we will do another random drawing, this time starting with post 1937.

We will also draw each week from the Finished Yarn thread. This week we drew from posts 64-140. The random winner is ChainofFools. Congratulations, Emily! Contact Stacie with your information and she will send your prize. Next week, we will do another random drawing, this time starting with post 141.


Stacie is working on: 

  • Rainbow Fail mitts of her own design using her own hand dyed yarn. Project Page

Steph is working on:

Steph finished:


Stacie is spinning:

Stacie finished spinning:

Steph is spinning:

Steph finished spinning:


Tour de Fleece is happening now! Join Team Must Stash!

Find us at:

Twitter: MustStashSheep & SeeStephKnit
Plurk: Must_Stash & SupaSteph
Google+: Stacie Freeflower & Supa Steph
Ravelry: Freeflower & SupaSteph
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iTunes: Must Stash Podcast

4 thoughts on “Show Notes for Episode 14: That’s How We Roll

  1. Great show ladies!
    I’m a recent “joiner” and really enjoy your show a lot.
    Although I live in Southern California, I’m frequently in San Antonio visiting my mom. What’s your local yarn store? I’m always on a quest for yarn stores to visit.

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