Show notes for Episode 18: I Die

Special Thanks to:

  • All of our viewers! You guys are awesome and the Ravelry group brings so much joy to us.


Stitched Together blog and podcast. Chrissy has been blogging for years and her posts are always full of wonderful information and lovely pictures. She started an audio podcast earlier this year and it’s a pleasure to listen to. Check her out!


Current Giveaway: 

Kate is giving away something from her Etsy shop, K8erpillar! We drew a random number and knittingnonsense is the winner! Congratulations, Sarah! Contact Stacie for your prize.

We are also giving away a digital copy of Dishcloth Diva by Deb Buckingham, courtesy of Cooperative Press. We drew a random number and yarning4asmile is the winner! Congratulations, Kimberly! Contact Stacie for your prize.

Next Giveaway:

We will be giving away a hand felted tin and hand made stitch markers, both made by Jelby, courtesy of Candon. Go to our Ravelry group and find the appropriate thread and follow the prompt to enter for your chance to win. We will draw a random number on Episode 19.


Stacie is working on:

  • Jaywalker Socks by Grumperina using her own hand dyed self striping sock yarn in an unnamed colorway.
  • Mesh Panel Tee by Myrna Batten using her own hand dyed lace yarn in the Caribbean Swim colorway. Project Page

Steph is working on:

and always worked on, but not mentioned this time:

Steph finished:


No spinning this week

Stash Enhancements:

Steph Stashed:


Spinzilla registration has opened

Dishcloth Diva KAL in the Cooperative Press Ravelry group

Steph mentioned Two Tangled Skeins, Knitting Pipeline, Knitting Blooms, and Homespun Journey podcasts. Great meeting you all!

Stacie is opening up an online shop, Must Stash Yarn & Fiber, for her hand dyed yarn! Her grand opening is Monday, August 26 at 9pm Central.

Find us at:

Twitter: MustStashSheep & SeeStephKnit
Plurk: Must_Stash & SupaSteph
Google+: Stacie Freeflower & Supa Steph
Ravelry: Freeflower & SupaSteph
Facebook: Must Stash Emporium
Instagram: MustStashSheep
Ravelry: Must Stash Podcast Group 
iTunes: Must Stash Podcast

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