Show Notes for Episode 30: Merry Time

Show Notes:

KAL Talk!:

Don’t forget the Halele’a KAL starts December 26th.

Our “Finish it!” KAL for the month of December is coming along swimmingly.


Next Episode: 

Next episode, we will be giving away a skein of Zealana Air Marle and a Symfonie Rose shawl pin from Knitter’s Pride, both donated by Stefanie of Stitchcraft Marketing (formerly known as The Wool Wide Web). Go to our Ravelry group, find the appropriate thread, follow the prompt, and we will draw a random number when we record our next episode.


Stacie is working on:

  • Hair Sack Hat of her own design using her own yarn, Must Stash Yarn & Fiber in a self-striping worsted in a yet-to-be-named colorway.

Stacie finished:

Steph is working on:.

Steph finished:

Stash Enhancements:

Steph stashed:

Wolle Rödel Sport & Strumpfwolle Classik


Don’t forget to pick up your own Velveteen Rabbit kit from Anne’s shop, Little Skein in the Big Wool. She’s taking pre-orders now!

We forgot to mention, but Stacie was wearing her Dark and Stormy sweater.

Follow Stacie on all the various social media places (see below) for info on her next shop update — It’s soon, but she doesn’t know exactly when yet!

Find us at:

Twitter: MustStashSheep & SeeStephKnit
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Ravelry: Freeflower & SupaSteph
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4 thoughts on “Show Notes for Episode 30: Merry Time

  1. Merry Christmas Steph and Stacie…..this is my first time commenting although I’ve been enjoying your podcast for some time now. I just wanted to say that when you held up your “nameless” yarn, I immediately thought “Shepherd’s Watch”….I don’t know….just the earthy colors with the starlight and sky colors made me think of those shepherds watching their flocks the night Jesus was born. Feeling so Christmasy!!

  2. Hey! I have a pillow in the same fabric as that green project bag you pulled out. Where did you get it? I’m looking for project bags with a less cutesy look. Great podcast BTW!

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