Show Notes for Episode 33: No Thank You, Mr. Allergies, I’m Done!

Show Notes:

Coming Up:

Need to join a team for the Ravellenic Games? Check out Team Sasquatch! We will also have a chat thread in the Must Stash group for our knitting athletes.


This Episode:

We gave away five sets of Velveteen Stitch Markers, donated from Anne of Little Skein in the Big Wool. Congratulations, everyone. PM Stacie!

Next Episode:

We will give away a Glovelet Kit, donated from Cindy of Snug Knits. Please follow the prompt in our Ravelry group for your chance to win.


Stacie is working on:

Stacie finished:

Steph is working on:

Steph finished:

  • Colorwork Vanilla socks (own recipe) using Regia in a lovely blue and some other bits and bobs of leftovers. Project Page


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Twitter: MustStashSheep & SeeStephKnit
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Ravelry: Freeflower & SupaSteph
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