Show Notes for Episode 34: Get Comfy; It’s a long One

Show Notes:

Coming Up:

Need to join a team for the Ravellenic Games? Check out Team Sasquatch! We will also have a chat thread in the Must Stash group for our knitting athletes.


This Episode:

We gave away a Glovelet Kit, donated from Cindy of Snug Knits. Random Number Generator chose #63, KnitGal2! Congratulations, Pam! PM Stacie with your name and address.

Next Episode:

We will give away a Lone Star Arts bag. Pop over to our Ravelry group and follow the prompt for your chance to win this pretty knitting bag.


There is knitting, there are FO’s. Check out Stacie’s or Steph’s Project Pages for more information. 


Presale for Hipster yarn and Little Skein Surfer Girl bags begins February 7th in the Must Stash Shop.

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5 thoughts on “Show Notes for Episode 34: Get Comfy; It’s a long One

  1. This is great! Love this new notification!

    Stephanie Page Bardwell 911Hawksbill Ct New Bern, N.C. 28560 252.675.2826


  2. Hey Stacy, could you put the link to Mel’s pattern? I didn’t really hear you clearly. (Listened few times)Want to be ready for the shop pre-order! Thanks!!

  3. The key to oven drying is to use the lowest temp on the oven, then TURN OFF the oven when you place the items inside, this is because the oven will reheat to maintain temperature – when an oven reheats it uses a very high temperature to get back to the set temp – this can cause burning and even a fire. If you feel the lowest temp is not enough try a little higher but be sure if you have items in the oven – that the oven is turned off. This is info from a firefighter who knows first hand what can happen.

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