Show Notes for Episode 40: Afternoon Knitting Group

Thank you:

  • Pam, aka aquilterknits,& her daughter Jessica Berish sent us the Jamberry Nail samples and giveaway! Check out her FB page for additional info on Jamberry Nails:
  • flipstainforever, aka Becky, thank you for the dowels!

Upcoming events:

  • May will be month of socks & Stitch Surfer KAL
  • plan to “Flash Your Stash” in June
  • Jamberry giveaway coming soon


This week we are giving away a copy of Sarah Punderson’s new shawl pattern, Rippling. Go to our group, find the appropriate thread, and follow the prompt for your chance to win. As always, one post per member of the group and we will draw a random winner in an upcoming episode.


 Stacie is working on:

Stacie finished:

  • Carnaby Skirt in Must Stash Yarn & Fiber Rubenesque (new base, coming soon!)

Steph is working on:

Steph finished:


Steph is spinning:

Steph finished spinning:

Stash Enhancements:

Steph stashed:


“Over the Moon” kits available at Little Skein. Kits feature Stacie’s yarn, a pattern from Megan Williams, and custom fabric bags from Anne herself.

Vintage Rose Stitch Markers can be found here

Stacie wore her Goodale.

Suburban Stitcher podcast and project bags

Bitchy Resting Face PSA — #RBFawareness

Find us at:

Twitter: MustStashSheep & SeeStephKnit
Ravelry: Freeflower & SupaSteph
Facebook: Must Stash Shop
Instagram: MustStashSheep & seestephknit
Ravelry: Must Stash Podcast Group 
iTunes: Must Stash Podcast

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