Show Notes for Episode 42: Kick Off

Thank you:

Recommendations and Shout Outs:


We are giving away a copy of Sarah Punderson’s new shawl pattern, Rippling and, courtesy of Sarah, we are sweetening the deal with giving away an additional pattern — winner’s choice. We drew two random winners: post number 32, who is flamefingers, has won the Rippling pattern and post number 205, who is lmermd, has won a pattern of her choice! Congratulations, you guys. Contact Stacie for your prize.

Month of Socks:

This week we discussed doing a gauge swatch, how to decide on your stitch count, and different methods for casting on. Here are some links to help you out:

Our chat thread is open. Come join us!

Month of Socks prizes:

So far we will have a sock needle set of Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics and a Lavishea bar (courtesy of Stefanie), a bag donated by Suburban Stitcher, bags donated by Ploverbird, and yarn donated by Western Sky Knits to give away at the end of Month of Socks and Stitch Surfer KAL. Thank you to all of our generous donors!


 Stacie is working on:

  • Rippling shawl in Must Stash Yarn & Fiber
  • Sock Swatch in Must Stash Yarn & Fiber in Martian Rainbow

Stacie finished:

Steph is working on:

Steph finished:


Steph finished spinning:


“Over the Moon” kits available at Little Skein until May 16

Vintage Rose Stitch Markers

Louise Tilbrook has offered a coupon code in honor of Month of Socks. Use SOCKSINMAY to receive 25% off one pattern until May 7th.

Steph neglected to mention she was wearing her Grace cardigan.

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