Show Notes for Episode 45: Stash Flash Kick Off

Thank you!

On our Radar:


Star Gazer project bag courtesy of Anne of Little Skein is won by #90- Deepbluerenegade!

Month of Socks prizes:

The winners are:

From the FO thread:

  • Post #159- Smokyjoe- Lavishea bar
  • Post #287- ManakhQ-  Knitter’s Pride
  • Post #251- HandmadeLoveNL- Suburban Stitcher bag
  • Post #Eviltwinn2- Rebecca- Western Sky Knits

And from the WIPs thread:

  • Post #194- Sharonathemom- Hiwassee Creek Dyeworks- Snow Miser
  • Post #165- jvdh- Hiwassee Creek Dyeworks- Jack Frost
  • Post #12- ktaboh- Tangerine Designs bag- Space
  • Post #167- whirledpeas00- Tangerine Designs bag- Sleeping Fox

Prizes include: a sock needle set of Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics and a Lavishea bar (courtesy of Stefanie), a bag donated by Suburban Stitcher, and one from Tangerine Designs, also yarn donated by Western Sky Knits along with some Hiwassee Creek Dyeworks and another Tangerine Designs bag from an Anonymous Stasher, to give away at the end of Month of Socks. Thank you to all of our generous donors!


 Stacie is working on:

Steph is working on:

Stacie finished:

Steph finished:


“Over the Moon” kits available at Little Skein.

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