Stash Flash: Steph does a wee bit of re-organizing

Last week, I showed you the current state of my stash. As I said before, it was pretty well organized, but it had some trouble spots. One of the trouble spots was the top of the armoire. It was okay, but not ideal. I also didn’t have a dedicated spot for my spindle WIPs or my fiber prep tools.

Stash Flash 17

Now it looks like this:

photo 1a

I went to the store and found an expandable wire shelf, which was meant for a pantry or cabinet. I also found 4 shoe boxes that fit well underneath the shelf.

photo 2a

The jars are the exact same, but now that they are sitting on the shelf, I have room for so much more. It’s become a dedicated spot for some spinning WIPs.

From left to right, we have:

photo 3a  photo 4a  photo 5a  photo 1b

empty spindles and practice fiber, turkish WIP, silk WIP, sweater WIP

I like that each WIP has it’s own space and that the boxes are clear. And rather than have them in open baskets, as they were previously, these boxes have lids to keep out dust, which is important if you are a slow spinner like I am.

I also cleared out the space behind the jars and moved all non-fiber contents out. I re-purposed some baskets for all my fiber prep tools and other things I need to to stay organized.

photo 2b photo 3b

view from the left, view from the right

In the baskets, I have:

photo 2  photo 3  photo 5b  photo 4b

carders and dowels, storage bags and label maker, needle felting and wool leftovers, empty baskets

When I was cleaning out the top of the armoire, I found a pair of handspun socks that I had thrown up there because looking at them hurt my heart. One sock had a washing machine mishap and was felted. I was ready to throw them away, but someone on Instagram suggested I save them for a felting project. And then I found my needle felting kit! So the socks now live with all the extra pieces of random roving and discarded wool that will one day be turned into… something.

photo 1

The socks of doom. It still hurts a bit.

Now that all of my fiber prep tools are in one spot and I know where all my spindles are, it will be time to tackle my tools soon. Hope everyone is having fun with their stash!

5 thoughts on “Stash Flash: Steph does a wee bit of re-organizing

  1. Good job. I love organizing and throwing things out. My husband always teases me that unless it is nailed down it is in danger of being thrown out. You will enjoy your new wips in boxes and I love the shelf w jars on top. Brilliant. Really enjoying the flash your stash discussions. I didn’t need to reorganize my stash but I did organize how I stored my hand knits in my closet. Hopefully I’ll start wearing them more now that they are more prominent on the shelves.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I MUST KNOW! What is the circus colored spinning fiber with the Jeri Brock spindle and where can I get some! So Lovely!

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