Stash Flash Wrap-up: Tools, Bags, and WIPs

Check out the other posts on Stash Flash: Stacie flashed her stash in a mini-episode here, and Steph wrote about hers here and here.

Well, June is coming to a close, which means our first “Stash Flash” will also be formally ending. Although, I imagine many of you are like me and haven’t accomplished everything you wanted to do. No worries! We can continue the discussion for as long as you like over in our Ravelry group.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have slowly started to figure out how I want my tools and project bags organized. Let’s start with tools.

Last time you saw these drawers, they looked like this:

Stash Flash 24  Stash Flash 25

Now they look like this:

1  2

I used plastic shoe boxes that fit nicely in the drawer, so it’s easier to pull out everything at once and dig through. Also, things are easier to see this way vs stacked on top of each other, and they don’t get all jumbled around. Let’s talk about the “Knitting” drawer first:


A smaller, clear plastic box houses my sock needles. One cardboard tube is for my size 1s and the other is for my 1.5 needles. If I still had some packages, I went ahead and used them, so they are all resting on the bottom. That way I can remember what brand is what (I’m picky that way!) Quite a few of my sock needles are on projects right now.

I had some plastic pencil boxes lying around, so the pink box is for all of my other DPNs. I bundled them up using small rubber bands according to size. I’m not sure how long that will last, but at least they are all in one box.

The green one is for my miscellaneous circular needles. Luckily, I had saved most of the packages, so I can easily identify sizes and brands.

The pencil boxes fit nicely with my ChiaoGoo interchangeable set resting on the end.


Behind that shoe box I have another shoe box for all my notions, stitch markers, extra notions bags, and a few miscellaneous items.


The robot bag contains the majority of my stitch marker collection. I like re-using Altoids tins – they are perfect sizes for stitch markers.


The hot air balloon notions bag is what I usually carry around in my knitting bag. It has my basic essentials: small scale, WPI card, stitch markers, darning needles, needle gauge, tape measure, crochet hook, scissors, lotion, lip balm, and a pen.


The other drawer is for all extraneous spinning stuff.


I’ve got empty storage bobbins on one side, again in their own box for easy access. The other box is yet another shoe box and it contains: empty tags for handspun, my spinning wheel bag with oil, string, hooks, etc, string for tying up hanks, extra singles for practicing chain plying, a hole punch (for making tags), and Wood Beams. Also in the box, I have my lazy kate and papers for my wheel.


I went ahead and took the brilliant idea from Celestya22, and many others in our group, and decided to hang up some empty project bags. I found an empty space in my closet and used some reusable hooks that stick to the wall.


I used to store all my buttons and pins on the outsides of my notions bags, but when I found a pretty bulletin board on clearance, I decided to do this instead:


And then, finally, I have some WIPs storage. I’ve got two baskets with knitting WIPs and one basket for my wheel spinning WIPs. This way when I’m going to go to knitting group or to Stacie’s to podcast, I can grab a basket, re-arrange WIPs if necessary, and go!


While I haven’t finished yet, I’m pretty happy with everything I did accomplish this month. My yarn stash was in pretty good shape, though it could still use a bit of organizing. Ideally, I’d like to still stash down a bit more and do some “touch-up” organizing as the stash shrinks. I’ll be focusing on that the rest of the year, as well as maintain the current setup I’ve shown you all on the blog.

I hope everyone has accomplished what they wanted to for the month and if not, let’s chat about it on the board. Don’t forget to “Embrace the Stash!”

5 thoughts on “Stash Flash Wrap-up: Tools, Bags, and WIPs

  1. Very encouraging and inspiring. I can’t complain that I don’t have enough space. I am using my space poorly. My stash is in one closet. My needles and patterns are in another room and my WIPs and dreams are all around me in the sunroom. Still need to consolidate printed patterns. And organize books. And….

  2. WOW you did a great job organizing all that you have. I just had to move from a bedroom to my closet so my grandkids can have more room for their things. So I have cubbies in their with yarns but I love your ideas with your needles. I have one of those pull out drawers and needles are inside. I want to try some of your ideas. I love your tins for the stitch markers etc. I have mine in a small tupperware container. Your’s are more colorful!! Thanks for showing us all that you did to get organized!!

    • Thank you so much, and I’m glad I can inspire you! I hope you are happy with what you come up with. Grandkids are important and they have lots of stuff, so I hope you’re able to make a special space for your yarn. I’ve had to get creative with living in a small space, but I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out.

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