Show Notes for Episode 50

Thank You:

  • Thank you to Sarah for her generous donation! You helped make the magic happen!
  • Thank you to Victoria for the goodies from Japan and for the bag prize donations!


Stacie is working on:

Steph is working on:

Finished Objects:

Stacie finished:

  • Sock samples in Unicorn Apocalypse and Fae Queen

Steph finished:

Stash Enhancements:

Steph stashed:


Join us in the officially unofficial Rhinebeck or Bust KAL! No rules, no prizes, no deadlines. Just fun and pictures and chattiness.

Join Steph, Dianne, and Susie in a Mayapple KAL. Again, laid back and no deadlines. The chat thread is over in Dianne’s group and, if you wish, use #mayapplekal on all the various social media.


We drew for our winner for the Bags by Awesome Grannie giveaway. The random number generator picked post number 34, who was MichelleOwls. Congratulations, Michelle! Contact Steph and she’ll get you in touch with Darlene. Thank you to everyone who participated and a big thank you to Darlene for such a wonderful prize opportunity.

Next giveaway:

For our next giveaway, we have buttons from Fastenation Studio! Hannah hand makes adorable buttons and she wants to give away one set to one lucky viewer. Go to her website or to her Etsy shop and take a look around. Then find the Fastenation Studio giveaway thread in our Ravelry group and tell us which buttons were your favorite! As usual, one post per member of the group, and we will draw a random winner for Episode 51.


The mannequin behind us wore Stacie’s Ohlala sweater.

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8 thoughts on “Show Notes for Episode 50

  1. I just loved, loved, loved the background for this episode. It was like a double treat, getting to see all your beautiful knits and having such beautiful things in the background to enjoy and please the crafters eye. It warmed the heart. Thank you for thinking of us because you truly think of us the viewers of your most wonderful podcast.

  2. Great podcast ladies!!!!! BUT…. I want some candy!!!!!! Just kidding!! I love the picture of the ballerina who is knitting. I use to stage manage and I once noticed that one of my musicians would knit in the pitt while waiting for his cue to play. He was a violinist and he said it helped to keep his fingers nimble. I found that so interesting. Only wished I had also taken his picture during a dress rehearsal but I was always to busy calling the show. Well, loved the podcast and will be voting for the bold buttons also Stacey!!!

  3. I just discovered you guys thanks to the yarnharlots blog and immediately had to order some of the dark side of the moon perfect sock yarn haha Loved the podcast! It’s the perfect thing to knit to while my husband is playing xbox! Looking forward to future episodes! 🙂

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