Rhinebeck Statistics

Rather than do a long, exhaustive post on Rhinebeck, I thought it would be fun to do a running list of personal highlights. We’ll definitely go more in depth when we record our next episode, but until then, here it is, Steph’s Rhinebeck Statistics.


4 planes total (two there, two back)

1 rental car

Lots and lots of hours to knit

Our crew:

8 of us total sharing one beautiful place, traveling from 4 different states (Minerva Turkey, Suburban Stitcher, KirbyWirby, CjMellLeo, Vintage Rose, Bekhiann, and us)

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All the girls. #yarnbarntopia #rhinebeck2014

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Don’t mind the Zombies peepin’ in the background.

Food sampled:

Apple cider doughnut

Artichoke French

Apple cider

Apple Crisp

Maple Cotton Candy

Dog bowl of French Fries


Knitting accomplished:

1 and a half socks


One recorded, thanks to Dianne of Suburban Stitcher podcast

People met:

Too many to count and sadly missed meeting quite a few.

Goods bought:

Between the eight of us, enough to fill a very large table (favorite moment was when one person texted a similar picture to their husband and he was like, “IS THAT ALL YOURS??”)

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Shit got real #rhinebeck2014 #rheinbeck #knitting

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Here’s my personal haul:


Favorite purchase:

I loved the stuff I got for my kids, which were adorable knitted kitties and an autographed hard copy of Kung-Fu Knits (our review is here). I’m fortunate to own a PDF copy, but because of the story and the illustrations, this is a book that needs to owned in actual book form.

Personal Highlights:

The Leaping Llamas contest, including Sister Mary and her fabulous goat

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Yay! 🐐 #rhinebeck #yarnbarntopia

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Also a highlight includes finding Candon and Stacie after wandering off for a wee bit of solo shopping time and realizing that between the two of them, one Bosworth Moosie and one 5lb merino fleece was purchased. (I was gone 20 or 30 minutes MAX)


One comfortable, sweater appropriate day on Saturday with rain that held off to minor sprinkles every now and again and one windy, crisp but sunny day on Sunday where all the Texas girls wore all the handknits. (We were freezing. It was 80-90 in Texas when we were gone.)

Well done, Rhinebeck. You made knitting two sweaters totally worth it.

Lots more pictures from our crew on Instagram using #yarnbarntopia, and of course lots of pictures from lots of other people using #rhinebeck and #rhinebeck2014

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