Show notes for Episode 56: The One with a Train

On our Radar:


This week we are gave away a mini 3D turkish spindle donated by the lovely Jen Kemery of TurtleMade and a mini Gourmet Stash trible. The winner is post #96, Malloryknits!

We are also gave away two bags from Renee of Lowland Originals.The winners are #2, mshue & #176, Eatmyoxygen! Renee is offering the coupon code muststash2015 and it is for 20% off for two weeks from the podcast airing date! Thank you Renee!!

Congratulations to all our winners and Thank you Jen and Renee for your wonderful podcast donations!!


Stacie is knitting:


Stacie wore her Juneberry Shawl.

Correction: When winding onto a Turkish spindle, you should wind over 2 and under 1. This way the cop builds on the top side of the arms allowing it to be much larger.



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2 thoughts on “Show notes for Episode 56: The One with a Train

    • Sorry, Carole! I am sold out. I will have a special update mid-February for the School of Stash socks KALers but other than that, I probably won’t have any stock until after my festival in March. Please consider subscribing to the shop for email update notifications. I promise I don’t spam! Thank you for asking!

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