Episode 65

Episode 65

A Must Stash Girl Production. Stacie discusses current WIPs, shows a ton of FOs and announces a new giveaway.

3 thoughts on “Episode 65

  1. Just thoroughly enjoyed seeing you on the podcast, it always relaxes me, I forget the rest of the world exists, I laugh, I ooh and ah, I get inspired. It’s one of the few times I allow myself just to chill. Better than yoga for me hehehehe! Thanks so much for doing them. Love LU xx ps I’ve just published a new mini magazine titled Wild About Yarn ( of course! :-)) and the content is international and national. I would love to feature you in the third issue and will find out how to email you about that. xx

    • It makes me so happy to read lovely notes such as yours. I am glad the podcast relaxes you and I’m happy to be back doing them. Please do contact me by email to discuss your new mini magazine as it sounds exciting.

  2. So happy to see your podcast and sorry you had such a busy time since you posted. My boss had shingles as well on her back. Its very painful. Glad you are better. I plan on going to Stitches Texas and it will be great to meet you. Love your socks you have been making.

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