Show notes for Episode 67

News You can Use:

I will be at Stitches Texas September 17-20 in booth 218! I’m really looking forward to vending at my first Stitches event and I plan on having tons of self striping yarn with me in several new colors and all the old favorites.

Due to the random trouble my shop experiences during updates due to the lovely surge of folks trying to score a skein, I am going to try something different. Instead of announcing an update, I’m simply going to stock a selection of skeins about every two weeks on Fridays.

Do you like to knit with mini skeins? Then there is a group you should check out! The Sock Yarn Minis/Scraps Swapping group is growing by leaps and bounds. Visit…. to join in the fun. Here is just a bit about them:

Knitting with sock yarn minis is so popular right now. Between knitting with them and collecting the minis it can truly become an addiction, lol! That’s where my group comes in. We have lots of regular swaps going on, where participants send minis into the host and then they’re swapped out and returned. We also have a lot of swapless swaps going on. A swapless swap is where participants sign up and pay the participation fee (usually $30), I order yarn from an indie dyer, once I receive the yarn I make lots and lots of minis, and then I ship them out to the participants. It’s a super fun way to build your mini stash!


This week I am giving away a large project bag from Suffolk Socks a lovely shop in the UK. The winner is #4 knitswithdoxies aka Nancy from California! She wrote: “Love her flowered bags and the colors!”

Thank you to our sponsor Julie of Suffolk Socks and to everyone who participated.

Next week I will be giving away a Knitting Nanny bag from Karrielyne of Freckled Whimsy who has a shop on Etsy and a podcast on YouTube. See the Ravelry board for all the details!

Knitting WIPs:

  • A Rhinebeck cardigan in “Material Girl” on Rubenesque
  • Swock booth sample in the “Ohhh! Spooky” color way

Knitting FOs:

  • Broken Seed Stitch by Handepande swock booth sample in “Tortuga” & “Not Just for Breakfast” on Ritz


Thank you to all the fine folks who offered to do sample knitting for me!
I would like to highlight a couple of comments from the Ep 66 thread on Ravelry. First from Cottington, she writes:

“first off, you are the cutest thing! and….at almost 5 minutes in, when you talk about the weather, you remind me of mr. rogers in how you ask your question about it getting cooler!! and then this reminded me that you do often remind me of mr. rogers, in your inflection! i love it!”

I have always revered Fred Rogers so I absolutely love this comparison.

And from Obsidian78, she writes:

“I absolutely enjoyed this podcast!! Especially hearing about all the colors. I will admit that I am very happy about the new way that you will be adding yarn to your shop. I NEVER was able to snag yarn during the updates because I was always at work. I finally got quite a few skeins of your yarn at DFW Fiberfest (I was the one with the skull sweater, if you remember (wink)). Now I will actually have a shot at buying some online and I can stop hoarding it because I might actually be able to get more (smile)”

This is exactly why I want to try a different approach to stocking the shop. Thank you to everyone who makes comments or ask questions in the Ravelry Forum!




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2 thoughts on “Show notes for Episode 67

    • Thank you, Kathy! I’m enjoying the process of knitting a sweater from scratch and I wish I had the skills to write the pattern but unfortunately I am not a designer. Thank you for the lovely compliment all the same and thank you for spending a little time with me today!

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