Show notes for Episode 68

News You can Use:

I have made the jump from WooCommerce over to Shopify! My web address is still and I absolutely adore the new shop already. I am adding stock regularly and that includes self striping. I’m not sending out Update notifications for the time being but if you really want a head up when I add stock, consider using (it’s the 3 arc symbol to the right of the address bar in Chrome and to the left in Safari). If you don’t have it, it’s free to download and easy to use! You just add any URL  and you will get a handy notification when it’s updated.

Do you like to knit with mini skeins? Then there is a group you should check out! The Sock Yarn Minis/Scraps Swapping group is growing by leaps and bounds. Visit…. to join in the fun. Here is just a bit about them:

Knitting with sock yarn minis is so popular right now. Between knitting with them and collecting the minis it can truly become an addiction, lol! That’s where my group comes in. We have lots of regular swaps going on, where participants send minis into the host and then they’re swapped out and returned. We also have a lot of swapless swaps going on. A swapless swap is where participants sign up and pay the participation fee (usually $30), I order yarn from an indie dyer, once I receive the yarn I make lots and lots of minis, and then I ship them out to the participants. It’s a super fun way to build your mini stash!

And just so you know, I will be the skein du jour for next May!


This episode I gave away Freckled Whimsy project bag. The winner is #4 MySistersKnitter aka Andi from Arizona! She wrote: “Thank you to Karrielyne and you for this generous giveaway. I love all of her bags!”

Thank you to our sponsor Karrielyne and to everyone who participated.

Next episode I will be giving away a skein from Two If By Hand in the Whiz Bangs colorway! See the Ravelry board for all the details!

Knitting WIPs:

  • A Rhinebeck cardigan in “Material Girl” on Rubenesque
  • “Sockhead Hat” by Kelly McClure in “The Wall” on Perfect Sock
  • “Monster Cowl” by Julia Allen in “The Wall” on Sweater Girl and various Happy Medium CW Minis

Knitting FOs:

  • “Oh! Spooky” booth sample swock
  • “Fruit Cake” booth sample swock
  • “Happy Snowman” booth sample swock knit by Michelle aka ocdknitwitch of the Knottyknitwits podcast
  • “Family Reunion” booth sample swock knit by Melissa aka Missamite also of the Knottyknitwits podcast


Thank you to Teri aka Terrichesser who gifted me a copy of Wake by Kephren Pritchett. It is a lovely crescent shaped shawlette and is part of a 6 pattern e-book she has in the works. You can find out more about Kephren by watching Episode 3acornsockblockers4 of the Southern Girl Knits Podcast where she is interviewed by the host Tish!

Did you notice my super cute new wooden sock blockers? They were made by Chappy’s Arts and Crafts!

I mention a project that caught my eye on the Must Stash Podcast page. It was the Summertide Shawl MKAL submitted by emilcarv1963. She knit hers using Julia Asselin Fino and Fibernymph Bounce. It’s a beautifully large two color shawl and makes me want to cast one on right now. Thank you for sharing, Emilia.

Thank you to all the fine folks who offered to do sample knitting for me! I believe I have sent out questionnaires to everyone who offered their services for sample knitting. Next up, I will compile it based on the answers and contact you about setting up a sample shipment. I am just overjoyed by so many folks wanting to help my shop and me by doing some sample knitting!!! I may actually have time to knit for myself again!

Coming Up:

An interview with designer Louise Zass-Bangham aka Inspiration Knits. You may know a few of her lovely designs such as Foolproof, Knit Night and Song of the Sea but did you know she has a brand new collection of patterns out in the e-book Knit Play Colour?! We will this scrumptious collection and more.




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