Show notes for Episode 71: Catching Up

News You can Use:

There is a Must Stash Yarn KAL going on in the KnottyKnitWits podcast thread and it’s called the Stacie Stalkers KAL. It will be on going for the months of November and December. Check it out!

Repeat info but still good to know: I have made the jump over to Shopify! My web address is still and I absolutely adore the new shop already. I am adding stock regularly and that includes self striping. I’m not sending out Update notifications for the time being but if you really want a head up when I add stock, consider using (it’s the 3 arc symbol to the right of the address bar in Chrome and to the left in Safari). If you don’t have it, it’s free to download and easy to use! You just add any URL  and you will get a handy notification when it’s updated.

Thank You:

Thank you to Michelle aka ocdknitwitch who gifted me a copy of Sundae Socks by Shannon Squire.

Knitting WIPs:

  • “Calaveras” socks in Must Stash Dapper Sock
  • “Gumdrop Wonderland” swock in Must Stash Dapper Sock

Knitting FOs:

  • “Monster Cowl” by Julia Allen in “The Wall” on Sweater Girl and various Happy Medium CW Minis
  • “Sockhead Hat” by Kelly McClure in “The Wall” on Perfect Sock


Rhinebeck Roundup! Rhinebeck was a blast and I managed to be pretty “good” about not going crazy in the awesome market. My only regret is not taking more pictures.

Coming Up:


An interview with Ann Budd!




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