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To see more about Louise Zass-Bangham’s new book, check out her blog post:

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An Announcement

Hey guys!

This message has been a long time coming, and I apologize for taking too long to get this out to you all. Thank you to everyone who has checked in on me via this our Ravelry group, in Ravelry PMs, on Instagram, and in person at DFW Fiber Fest. The sense of community has not gone unnoticed.

The truth is, podcasting is not a priority for me right now and I will not be returning to Must Stash Podcast. I had hoped for a more graceful exit and for more closure for me and for you, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

I’m a fan of “never say never,” so I won’t rule out a special guest appearance with Stacie or in a group with my other podcasting friends (we were very close to doing a group podcast at DFWFF). But for the forseeable future, Must Stash Podcast will continue on with Stacie as your solo regular host.

I will still hang out around our Ravelry group as long as you and Stacie will have me. I’m very proud of what Stacie has accomplished with her business and I find her solo podcasts a delight. I’m grateful to all of you for sharing your time with us as a duo and I look forward to seeing you all on Ravelry or on Instagram.

Hugs, love, and yarn stash pats for all!


(seestephknit on Instagram. SupaSteph on Ravelry. Find me and friend me!)

Halele’a Talk with Stacie and SHK’s Mel

Hi Stashers,

This podcast update is not the typical one as it is not on our iTunes channel but on the blog belonging to Mel of Single Handed Knits Podcast Group. Mel and Stacie chat about their collaboration on the Halele’a Cardi in Mel’s new home in North Carolina.

You can watch the special edition podcast with Stacie and Mel on her Blog and see more about the Halele’a kit at Stacie’s shop.

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Shop Update September 30th at 7pm CST

There will be new yarns added tomorrow at 7pm. You can check out previews right now! Plus there are all new stitch markers designed by K8erpillar and XCOMom exclusively for the Must Stash Shop available right now. Sept 30th Update


Show Notes for Episode 23 I’ve Got A Horn

Show Notes:

We have a lively group on Ravelry filled with awesome people. If you haven’t checked it out yet, come and join us!


This Week:

This week we are giving away a Wolfe Farm sample pack: Apple Crisp body bar, sample Happy Birthday body bar, sample lotions in Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Spice and Candy Corn plus a 20% coupon for their shop. We drew a random number from the thread and KSPowerKnitter is the winner! Congratulations, Janice! Contact Stacie and she will mail out your prize.

Next Giveaway:

We received some KirbyWirby Kaleidoscope fingering weight from a lovely Anonymous Stasher and we’d like to give it to one of you! Go to our group on Ravelry and find the appropriate thread and follow the prompt for your chance to win. We will draw a random winner on our next episode.

KAL Talk!:

Our Handspun KAL and our Rhinebeck or Bust KAL have both started and will continue through October 31, 2013. Join in the chatter and camaraderie as we knit our way into autumn! We will be giving away 2 prizes for our Rhinebeck KAL: a lovely bag from Unic Designs and 2 skeins of Squoosh yarn donated by a lovely Anonymous Stasher.

Stacie’s Shop Update:

Stacie will be updating her shop on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 7pm central. She’ll have her usual variety of self-striping and tonal, and perhaps a surprise or two. Check it out!


Stacie is working on:

 Steph is working on:

Steph finished:


Steph is spinning:


Spinzilla is coming! Are you ready yet? We’re not, but we’re getting there!

Knit Girllls Afterthought Heel tutorial

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